Telltale signs Of Dying Car Battery – Keep Eyes And Ears Open – Be Proactive

At some point, car battery starts to die. Last minute wait can abandon you on a remote road. To avoid this situation just keep ears and eyes open for warning signs.

Telltale signs of dying car battery

Slow engine crank

  • Battery alone gets the car started with full power.
  • If battery is failing then the engine cranks slowly.
  • If engine is not cranking, the car makes rapid clicking sound, revealing the power is low.
  • The battery needs testing at once or if necessary replaced with one of the best car batteries available in the market.

Dim headlights

  • Lights are not bright, which means it is not getting sufficient power.
  • This is not because of braking but low battery, so get it checked out, before it is late.

Swollen battery

  • Battery is a box full of chemical reactions, which can go off beam sometimes.
  • When car battery gets exposed to extreme cold or heat, its flat sides bulge and gets discharged.
  • This results in electrically dead battery, which cannot be repaired but needs to be replaced.

Backfiring effect

  • When spark is irregular buck is caused, which makes car backfire due to buildup of fuel in the cylinders.
  • Before deciding to replace the battery check the black box and carburetor.

Starting issues after sitting overnight

  • Your car won’t start after sitting overnight.
  • Overhead light is left on by mistake, which has drained the battery, it happens to everyone.
  • Actually, if your battery cannot handle a small light on for one night means it is getting weak.
  • Weak battery can be charged but soon it will need replacement, so be prepared.