Root Canal Procedure Vs. Tooth Extraction

If any of your tooth is very seriously infected or damaged then in order to get rid of your pain either you can choose root canal procedure or prefer to extract the tooth. Certainly, root canal procedure would be the best option.

Let us try to understand how root canal specialist will decide whether he has to do this procedure. As we said before root canal is a better alternate because:

  • You can save your natural tooth
  • Your smile, speech and eating will not be affected
  • The procedure takes only few hours of work by the dentist
  • Present day technology offers very smooth procedure where the patient will not suffer much pain during the procedure
  • The success rate of root canal procedure is very high
  • Prevents degeneration of your jawbone and various other side effects of loss of teeth

The specialist will examine your tooth and if he finds that its interior or pulp is infected, but the tooth is still able to function then he will decide to go for root canal procedure. In this procedure, the specialist will clean the diseased tissue and refill the interior with some kind of biocompatible material and provide a cap on the top.

However, if the dentist finds that the tooth is totally unsalvageable then he will take the decision to extract the tooth instead of going for root canal procedure. In such case, the tooth must have either cracked or broken. Also, the decay of the tooth is too large for filling.