Myths That Can Lead to Few Landscaping Mistakes

In order to nurture good quality of lawn in your property often people follow certain myths, which may lead to common mistakes.

Sticking to certain landscaping method is sometimes too confusing and you may end up spoiling the look of the surroundings. Therefore, beware of certain myths.

  • “We can conserve more water by watering our lawn in the evening”

This can be a costly landscaping mistake as watering after sunset may not dry up the water quickly and it remains on the grass. If you instruct your landscape services Orange County to water in the evening then various fungus and diseases may develop thereby killing the grass. Watering during middle of the day in summer is best for lawn.

  • “If we mow the grass shorter then we need not mow too frequently”

By setting your lawn mower to shorter setting you are reducing the capability to produce sugar photosynthesis. The roots of the grass are exposed to sunlight and allow weeds to develop. If your grass looks weak and you spay more water then you are further damaging the grass.

  • “I don’t need services of a professional to maintain my landscaping”

Many homeowners think that landscaping does not require any technical skill and one can manage it like any DIY project. However, there are plenty of finer things that you need to know while mowing your lawn and you may spoil the lawn due to lack of technical knowledge.

Therefore, it is better to hire a good consultant for landscape maintenance and follow his instructions instead of believing in such myths.