How To Dissolve Negative Emotions And Identify Your True Self

Feelings, sensation or thoughts people have are temporary in nature. It comes from blankness, exists for a little time within your system and subsides again into a void. If you just perceive everything occurring as temporary phenomena mentally, see it, and let it go then there will be no issue. Slowly, all pain disappears.

Unfortunately, your mind does not operate in this way. Everyone reacts normally at their personal level to things they perceive. Without any question, you are programmed to be oppressed by your personal feelings without identifying who you actually are. You build limitation and separation walls with your beliefs and attachments. The majority of people live in this state.

The real way to dissolve suffering from negative emotions is to push them back into emptiness so as to identify your true self.

See clearly

To release negative energy you need to see emotions clearly without being overwhelmed. Understand the emotion, nature, triggers and effects. Ultimately, release or separate emotions from your body. This is a fourfold process that includes clarity, composure, self-knowledge, and liberation. Continue reading “How To Dissolve Negative Emotions And Identify Your True Self”